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Research Focus offers organisations of all sizes and across all industries research survey design, facilitation and analysis services.


We believe that there is critical knowledge of the organisation that is harnessed by its people, and that organisation employees are its biggest asset and most crucial competitive edge.


In support of this Research Focus has developed a way to engage directly and anonymously with your people to gain valuable insight and do a detailed analysis on your organisational climate and staff morale.


Key deliverables of a Research campaign would be:


  • An original survey design provided by Research Focus, ensuring that all research dimensions are aligned to the end goal of the survey;


  • Creating and managing the communications plan for the campaign;


  • Conducting an online and/or paper based survey campaign;


  • Data analysis and reports;


  • Identifying key priorities and providing appropriate recommendations for each;


  • Developing an integrated findings report;


  • Presenting the findings to the executive committee (EXCO).

It is worthwhile noting that a research intervention should not be a once-off exercise, but rather form part of a continuous process repeated at least annually. The periodic repetition will provide the organisation with an objective measure of action plan effectiveness, and help to proactively identify new areas of risk that may develop.



Research Focus has a proven tool that has been used to measure staff engagement, human capital strategic alignment, the introduction of a new corporate identity, human capital effectiveness, organisational climate, business to business customer relationship management and the ranking and rating of organisational values for leading South African organisations.


Research Focus will manage the campaign on behalf of the organisation from start to finish, including activities such as:

  • Pre-campaign communication and build up;


  • Survey distribution;


  • Campaign management;


  • Telephonic and e-mail support;


  • Response rate monitoring; and


  • Data management.



Research Focus will perform a detailed analysis of all feedback received, translating the employee responses into an integrated findings report. This report will be presented to the Executive Committee in partnership with and/or on behalf of the project sponsor.


Research Focus will during the integrated findings presentation to the Executive Committee; facilitate the development of mitigating strategies aimed at short term (“quick wins”) and longer-term improvements to address issues identified.

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