With the recruitment functions that HR-Focus provides to a number of high profile clients, we also offer a number of value add services in the area of Strategic Human Capital Management.

Our services and solutions are tailor-made to fit client situations and are founded on the principle that organisations need to realign their People Systems and Strategies with the Business goals in order to attain Strategic Business Imperatives and  increase shareholder value.

Recruitment Engine

HR-Focus provides a full solution to your recruitment needs. We assist our clients to find the gaps in their talent, source potential candidates, schedule interviews and manage the shortlisting process.Contract finalisation and job offer is also facilitated by our team.

Evaluation Projects

Job evaluation is a method of measuring the relative importance of positions within an organisation and is becoming increasingly important in view of legislative requirements (Employment Equity Bill) that organisations in South Africa have to comply with.

Psychometric Assessments

HR-Focus uses registered Industrial Psychologists and Psychometrics to perform psychometric assessments on possible candidates as well as current employees.

The advantage of assessments includes assessing a candidate’s ability to be trained, skilled and compatibility for the position. Included in these assessments are integrity and personality assessments.

To be “the” empowering Human Capital Solutions Provider

At HR-Focus we aim to be your human capital provider of choice; this including innovative technologies, thought leadership, impeccable service and best of breed solutions.

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