HR Outsourcing

HR Outsourcing


On-boarding relates to the loading of newly hired employees who have been employed within your organisation. All data gathered will be   populated by HR-Focus into the HR system.

Employee and Organisational Maintenance

The process of managing employee related data will be handled by HR-Focus. This will entail managing employee details such as contact details, address information, beneficiaries, next-of-kin, etc.

The process of managing the organisational data will also be managed by HR-Focus. Organisational data refers to theorganisational structure, cost centre setup and management, creation and maintenance of jobs and positions and other structures within the organisation.

Furthermore we will manage the setup and maintenance of leave rules, as well as the maintenance of leave transactions where applicable.

Record Additional Info

HR-Focus will manage the recording of additional information on behalf of our Client or employee where applicable. Such records could include, but are not be limited to:

  • Record equipment issued to employees;
  • Record training courses and associated costs;
  • Record an employee’s skills and qualifications;
  • Other information.


Once informed of employee movements HR-Focus will populate all the relevant data into the HR system. Such details will relate to movement of employees within the organisation, including transfers, promotions, and demotions.


HR-Focus will manage the transition of a worker from employee or contingent worker to terminated worker or retiree.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

HR-Focus will make an Employee Self Service Portal available to our Client and their employees which will be accessible via the Internet.

The ESS portal will allow employees to apply for leave, reverse leave, enquire on leave balances, and view leave calendars.

The ESS portal will also allow the employees to update personal details.

Manager Self Service (MSS)

HR-Focus will make available to managers within the organisation, a Manager Self Service Portal, which will be accessible via the Internet.

The MSS will:

  • Provide access to a Managers’ Dashboard, providing information such as pending leave, staff leave and leave calendars, as well as employee birthdays and access to employee reports;
  • A manager will also be able to subscribe to various reports via the dashboard (if available);
  • View personal details of employees in their reporting line;
  • View training details of employees in their reporting line;
  • Access the performance dashboard for employees in the manager’s reporting line (if applicable).

Document Management

HR-Focus will provide a document management portal that will allow all employees to access pertinent documents of the organisation. Such documents include policies, processes and procedures, as well as any other documents that the organisation would like to make available. An admin portal will be made available to a designated person or persons to maintain the documents on the system. All employees will have access to the documents via the ESS portal.

Reporting Services

HR-Focus will make a report portal available which will house the standard reports provided by our Client.  The reports will be available to managers and administration staff as applicable. Standard reports include:

  • Leave reports;
  • Organisational structure reports;
  • Performance reports (if applicable);
  • Employee movements reports;
  • Learning reports (if applicable);
  • Audit reports (exception reports);
  • Document management reports.

Standard reports are updated regularly and new reports will be made available as and when they are ready for distribution via upgrades to the system.

Maintenance of existing interfaces

As of the date of Agreement, certain interface between the HR system and other systems exist. HR-Focus endeavours to maintain such interfaces as part of the Agreement.

Maintenance of the system

HR-Focus will maintain the HR systems provided to our Client in terms of the following:

  • Maintenance and support of My-Focus core software and database updates/upgrades;
  • Database (SQL) administration and support, including backups;
  • Quality Assurance testing of updates and upgrades to the systems as and when required.

To be “the” empowering Human Capital Solutions Provider

At HR-Focus we aim to be your human capital provider of choice; this including innovative technologies, thought leadership, impeccable service and best of breed solutions.

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