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Diversity Focus offers clients with employment equity solutions designed to not only address the various requirements of the Employment Equity Act, but to achieve these goals at an operational level. Our solutions are focused at providing organisations with practically viable employment equity interventions.


The Diversity Focus solutions are based on strong system-thinking principles, designed to provide our clients with both component-based assistance and full life cycle facilitation, as per their unique requirements.

The typical life cycle consists of six distinct areas of focus:

Align the objectives of the plan (compliance) with the organization's vision, mission and business strategy.

Create an enabling environment in the organisation, focusing on activities such as Employment Equity strategy, policy, consultation structures, communication and training.

Develop the Employment Equity Plan with strict adherence to the Employment Equity Act, Regulations and Code of Good Practice instructions and guidelines.

Implement the interventions and numerical goals contained in the Employment Equity Plan, using change management techniques supported technology.

Establish internal progress monitoring processes parallel to the implementation activities, to ensure the success thereof.

Report the organisational employment equity progress to the Department of Labour and review the current employment equity within the organisation, in preparation for the next cycle.


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