Diversity Focus

Diversity Focus offers clients with employment equity solutions designed to not only address the various requirements of the Employment Equity Act, but to achieve these goals at an operational level. Our solutions are focused at providing organisations with practically viable employment equity interventions.

Research Focus

Research Focus offers organisations of all sizes and across all industries research survey design, facilitation and analysis services.

Talent Focus

alent Focus is the industry’s most functionally complete talent management and talent acquisition solution.

My Focus

The HR-Focus module provides access to the functionality that a human resource department will typically involve itself in organisational and main employee detail management, leave and statutory reporting.


HR-Focus provides a full solution to your recruitment needs.

HR Outsourcing

On-boarding relates to the loading of newly hired employees who have been employed within your organisation. All data gathered will be populated by HR-Focus into the HR system.

To be “the” empowering Human Capital Solutions Provider

At HR-Focus we aim to be your human capital provider of choice; this including innovative technologies, thought leadership, impeccable service and best of breed solutions.

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