Payroll Focus

Payroll that is integrated, always accessible, and empowering your teams


Build your Payroll around your Business, not the other way around

Discover our streamlined and integrated browser-based payroll system, allowing you secure remote access at any time. Built on a tried and tested engine that has been developed and packaged with an integrated focus on security.

Seamless Integration
A Payroll solution that is intelligent across systems


Built on trusted cloud-based technology

Multi-company & Multi-Year users

Navigate complex setups with ease

Payroll Focus is a core module deployed alongside My Focus to seamless HR-to-Payroll integration

Designed for seamless Payroll Runs, wherever your business goes

The core Payroll Focus module offers everything that you need – from the start. It then goes beyond the most common Payroll functions to offer even more, as one of the most complete solutions for Payroll software available in Africa.

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