Overview of MY FOCUS CORE

HR department employees spend significant time in managing employee requests which are typically paper based. This is an extremely expensive, error prone, time consuming and repetitive mode of personnel administration. Automation results in savings in time, effort and a qualitative improvement in the HR services. The end result is speedy decision making, enhanced employee satisfaction and significant savings.

The HR-Focus module provides access to the functionality that a human resource department will typically involve itself in organisational and main employee detail management, leave and statutory reporting

The My-Focus employee self-service (ESS) and manager self service ( MSS )capability enables the employees of the organization to have their independent access into the system which enables them to create, view, and modify their data or profile, anytime. With this the employees can have a focal centric portal thereby providing them easy access to all the information they need to do their jobs.

ESS also expedites features like career development path, performance appraisal and expense eLearning. It provides employee access to selected data from their information set. Enable employees to monitor and update their own records allowing them to easily upload personal & professional documents.

Users can also view multiple reports and have personalized account settings for dashboard. In addition to all the above features the manager can also view the organization hierarchy/tree and manage employee updates and performance reviews/learning, etc.

To reduce any training gaps the employees can also view the list of training programs available and apply for the program. Based upon the approval process if any setup, the employee can view their training schedules, enroll for training, once completed give training feedback to trainer and training program. The employee can also easily apply for leave and view all the leaves taken within clicks of a button hence making this feature very employee friendly and personalized.

My-Focus Modules

Core Values

Our HR Administrative Solution provides HR with the necessary tools to administer organizational structures, employee details, equity planning, leave management and basic reporting on all these areas.

MY-Focus Core is an employee self-service and manager self-service application which automates process such as leave applications, personal details management and document Management, manager dashboards and reports  means that administration from human resource is reduced.



Human Resourcing: Management or “Just Reporting”?
Much like data has helped organisations to reshape their Sales, Marketing and Operational functions, data within the Human Resource departments is playing a critical role in helping shape and align workforce's to company strategies. However, to leverage this opportunity technology must play a role.

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Performance Management
This module which maximises the performance management process by assisting in the collation and integration of performance review results includes: capturing of master job profiles; editing of profiles; scheduling of reviews; completion of reviews; evaluate editor tools; balance score card and manager moderations.
A core benefit of this web-based interface is that it assists organisations to retain and motivate key employees by gaining insight of top performers.

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Learning Management
This module enables Learning Departments to manage training within their organisation by updating, creating and administering training courses, attendance, results and costs and in so doing providing the Learning department with an overall view of the learning process, whilst also encouraging a culture of learning and acquiring knowledge and understanding.
Annual learning plans, venue bookings, course scheduling, results and reporting are incorporated in eLearning.

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Employee Relations Case Management
The facilitation, processing and reporting of grievances and/or disciplinary procedures makes up this module.

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