Learning Management

To give effect to the Company’s commitment to be the leader in the development of its employees in order to ensure the provision of highly skilled employees to achieve its strategic objectives;

To establish the centralized co-ordination of the training and development process in respect of permanent and temporary employees, in order to ensure that the process applied is professional, applicable, results orientated, consistent and cost effective and in line with National training and development requirements;

To give effect to the requirements of the South African Qualifications Assurance Act (SAQA) and Skills Development Act (SDA), with the intent to develop a Company Skills Plan, which needs to be approved by the Sectoral Education and Training Authority (SETA) with which the Company is registered, and to provide relevant training in order to reclaim the training levy paid by the Company;

To give effect to the spirit and intent of the Employment Equity (EE) Act insofar as the Company is required, as described in its EE Plan, to implement training and development initiatives to redress identified imbalances within the Company, with particular emphasis on race, gender and disability;

To create a comprehensive database of all employees’ qualifications, skills and knowledge (including prior learning), which will assist in the compilation of the Company’s Workplace Skills Plan and EE Plan, in line with the applicable legislative requirements;

To ensure that training and development initiatives are congruent with the technical and behavioral competencies of the employee’s position and his/her determined Personal Development Plan, and contribute towards the employee obtaining national accreditation/qualifications;

To identify Division, Department, Team and individual specific training and development needs and ‘generic’ training and development needs across the Company.

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