When the right Analytics environment is put in place to take on the critical challenges , the Human Capital function will transform itself from an HR reporting approach to a truly proactive Human Capital approach, making it ultimately much easier to achieve the desired business benefits.

Analytics can help your HR team/Line Managers to:

Conduct Payroll Analysis and identify potential savings by unraveling your complex payroll spend
 Determine payroll costs per region or business unit
 Monitor payroll increases and decreases per pay-type and understand what Payroll spend by gender, race, region and type
 Optimise Human Resource Analysis
 How many people are we employing per business unit and is this trend increasing or decreasing
 Identify key seasonality trends and future staff costs
 Understand growth per region or business unit
 Spot areas experiencing high absentee rates in your business
Analyse the number of employees historically required in order to achieve future growth and productivity strategies,etc

“Gartner predicts that there will be 4.4 million jobs globally through 2018, but only one-third of them will be filled.”
How is your Talent Retention and Attraction Performing?

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